Where can I get my Pooch a special treat?

It’s a beautiful day. You know it’s the perfect day to take Fido for a “R-I-D-E” and let the wind blow in his fur. It’s always such a fun time, and you want to be sure to make it extra special! But where do you go? Even though they might be hard to find, there are several fast-food restaurants that offer special treats for your baby! (Remember, some of these items are on the menu, but others are “secrets” and need to be asked for!)

1. Starbucks “Puppuccino”
If you are the coffee type, then this is the perfect place for you and your pooch! Just add a Puppuccino to your order! (Don’t worry, there’s no coffee added!) It’s just a little whipped cream in a small cup. It’s the perfect treat…as long as your dog isn’t lactose intolerant!

2. In-N-Out Burger
It really is okay to give your dog a burger, but not with all the spices and toppings! Next time you’re at the drive-thru here, ask for a “Pup Patty” for your furry friend! It is a simple, unseasoned burger, packaged cutely in one of their signature doggy bags.

3. Johnny Rockets
This is truly a dog-friendly burger joint, and they even have a pooch menu! Certain locations offer choices such as dog-friendly burgers, ice cream, and pupcakes. (Some locations even have an extended menu!)

4. Dairy Queen
Who doesn’t love a nice, cold ice-cream treat? Well, if that’s your thing, you and your bestie can enjoy together! Lucky for Fido, he can order a “Pup Cup”, which is a doggy-sized portion of vanilla ice cream. And one more bonus…it’s FREE with your purchase!

5. Sonic
Another perfect idea for a quick stop during a car ride, Sonic is the place for you both! Some locations offer doggy treats…and you can be sure to get a “plain” burger upon request to share together!

6. Chick-Fil-A
It is not only their pleasure to serve you, but also your pooch! Many drive-thrus will offer a snack for pup passengers. (And if you get the grilled chicken nuggets, they will probably be okay to share!)

7. Dunkin’ Donuts
While you can’t take them inside the restaurant with you, if you want a coffee on the go, swing through the drive-thru! Most locations have dog treats readily available, and some even offer puppy lattes (whipped cream in a cup)!

8. Panera Bread
While we haven’t heard of any special menu items, Panera Bread locations usually have nice outside seating where your friendly dog is welcome to dine with you. On hot days, many will even have a water dish set outside for your pup. (We keep hoping they’ll soon offer a yummy treat for Fido!)

*Please note that some animals have gastro-intestinal issues and lactose intolerance. Make sure you know your pups medical conditions before feeding any “human” food!