Adoption Policies

We are so excited you have made the decision to adopt from us! This is a lifelong commitment that requires a lot of thought and considerations. We want to make sure our animals are going into loving homes for a lifetime. While we believe there is a home for every animal, we do have some policies that must be followed in order to adopt. Feel free to ask any questions if you do not thoroughly understand any of our policies.

All of our animals are vaccinated, dewormed, micro-chipped, and spayed or neutered (unless going home on a spay/neuter contract.) We also treat for fleas and ticks once monthly. This makes the transition into your home much smoother, as you can know our animals have all been fully examined by a veterinarian.

Frequent Adoption Questions

Who must be present when the animal is getting adopted?

Everyone living in the home will be required to meet the animal. We understand that pictures can say a thousand words, but pictures don’t always tell the full story of an animal. We want to be sure our animal is the perfect fit you and your family.

Do you have age restrictions?

All adopters must be at least 18 years of age, and in some certain cases 21 years of age. Animals need stability and financial security, and we know younger adopters don’t always have that. We want to be sure the adoption will last a lifetime.

Do you require a home visit?

Certain animals will require a home visit. Certain breeds have certain personality traits, and we want to be sure the environment is the best possible for our animals.

Can I adopt if I am renting?

If you are renting we will require a copy of your rental agreement, along with proof that the pet deposit has been paid. Some adoptions will also require that we speak to your landlord. All of this must take place prior to the adoption. We understand some of this may take time, so we will allow an animal to be “held” for 48 hours in order to get all the proper paperwork needed.

Do you put animals on hold?

We do not “hold” or “reserve” animals. Our animals are adopted on a first-come, first-adopt basis. (We do make exceptions to this, such as when we are waiting for a family meet-and-greet, home visit approval, large animal transport or rental paperwork.)

Do I need to bring my animal to meet the new animal I am adopting?

If you have another dog in your home, we do suggest you bring it with you to the shelter to meet your future family member. We have areas where your dog will be comfortable while you meet our other dogs. While we strongly encourage a meet-and-greet prior to adoption, there are some exceptions which depend on the animal being adopted.

What if I can’t keep the animal I adopted?

ANY animal adopted from Whiskers and Tails Sanctuary always has a home. We understand that not every animal will work out in every home. If something happens and it does not work out in your home, we require that you bring the animal back to us and not try to re-home them yourself. It is best for us to know what went wrong so we can find another home better suited in the future.

What is your adoption fee?

Our adoption fee for dogs and cats is $125. This is non-refundable, and is considered a donation should an animal need to be returned for any reason.

Please contact us for adoption fees regarding large animals.

Can I adopt a pet to give as a gift?

We do not allow animals to be adopted out as gifts. There will be no exceptions made to this. We do have a gift-adoption program in which you can pay the adoption fee and surprise the recipient with a trip to our sanctuary so they can pick the perfect pet for themselves.